Announcements: 09.18.15 As a reminder, Judge Moulton's courtroom has changed to Room 321 at 60 Centre Street......

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10.05.15 Justice Kern - Consolidation Order re April 2015 IE cases (Belluck & Fox)

09.25.15 Stipulation of Voluntary Discontinuance re: Lynch vs A.W. Chesteron Co. et al, #190092/09 - Justice Kern

09.24.15 Simmons Hanly Conroy request for trial assignment of April 2015 In Extremis Cluster cases

09.22.15 Transfer Orders - The Early Law Firm January 2012, September 2014 FIFOs, April 2015 In Extremis cases

09.16.15 Transfer Order - Williams Law Firm October 2014 and April 2015 In Extremis cases

09.14.15 Belluck & Fox request for trial assignment of various clustered cases

09.10.15 October 2015 In Extremis Cluster List and Discovery Schedule (Updated)

09.08.15 Justice Kern - Pro hac vice motion decision re Miller #190087/14

09.03.15 Justice Kern - Pro hac vice order re Miller #190087/14

08.31.15 Judge Moulton’s Decision regarding Stay in NYC Asbestos Litigation

08.26.15 March 2016 FIFO Cluster and Discovery Schedule (Updated)

08.25.15 Substitution of Counsel: Haskel International Inc.

08.20.15 August 2016 FIFO Cluster List and Discovery Schedule

08.18.15 Levy Konigsberg request for trial assignment of March 2014 FIFO Cluster cases

08.18.15 The Lanier Law Firm request for trial assignment of May 2015 FIFO case Davis (190525/2012)



** The Special Master asks that each plaintiff firm forward her an email by October 19, listing its April 2016 In Extremis Cases.

Welcome to the New York City Asbestos Litigation Website* where you can find information on dates and deadlines, depositions, download the latest settlement conference schedules, and access a library of trial cluster and preparation lists.

WebCivil Supreme online access link. WebCivil provides online access to information about cases in Civil Supreme Court in all 62 counties of New York State. You may search for cases by Index Number or the name of the Plaintiff or Defendant, look up cases by Attorney/Firm name, and view Calendars for each court. With our eTrack case tracking service you can receive email updates and appearance reminders for Civil Supreme Court cases.

All documents are Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) files. To view and print a PDF file you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader loaded on your computer. To download a FREE Acrobat reader click here.

Defense Counsel Meeting Dates

*Please note that defense counsel meeting dates are now listed on the defendants only section of the website.

Part 11 Rule

All papers, letters, documents  etc. to the Court must state, under the index number, information identifying the cluster including the plaintiff’s law firm, and, if the papers are submitted in connection with a motion, the motion sequence number.

In addition, cover letters should state the adjourn date, if any, for the particular case or cases.

Mandatory E-Filing

Pursuant to Administrative Order, electronic filing will become mandatory in all asbestos cases that are commenced in New York County Supreme Court on or after February 27, 2012.

(See Notice to the Bar Regarding Mandatory E-Filing)

Justice Heitler will still be requiring working copies of all motion papers.

New Filing Requirements for NYCAL Asbestos Cases
(Initial Filing Only)

Effective 9/2/08, every NYCAL asbestos case filed must have an 8 1/2 x 11 cover sheet with the words:


The Clerk's Office will be assigning a special series of index numbers to all NYCAL cases which will enable the Court to keep track of filings.

Hand deliver all subpoenas to Room 412. All NOSJMs should be brought to Room 412 Wednesdays of each week only.




*NYCAL.NET is a fee for use cost share arrangement with all firms participating in the litigation. Contact the Web Administrator for further information.